máy cắt laser sợi quang chính xác 1kw, 1500w, 2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 6kw, 12kw

Máy cắt laser sợi Accurl 1kw, 1500w, 2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 6kw, 12kw

Thông số kỹ thuật

Tốc độ cắt: Điều chỉnh
Định dạng đồ họa được hỗ trợ: AI
Ứng dụng: Cắt Laser
Trạng thái: Còn mới
Độ dày cắt: Phụ thuộc
CNC hay không: Có
Chế độ làm mát: Làm mát bằng không khí
Phần mềm điều khiển: Cypcut
Nơi xuất xứ: An Huy, Trung Quốc (Đại lục)
Tên thương hiệu: ACCURL
Certification:CE, ISO, ECA
Laser power:60w/80w/100w/130w/150w
Tên: Máy cắt Laser vải
Function:Cutting Nonmetal Materials
Laser head:Precitec
Laser tube:EFR
Driving system:Servo
Loại: Gia công Laser
Control system:DPS System
Từ khóa: Máy cắt Laser vải
Working table:Honeycomb
Dịch vụ hậu mãi cung cấp: Kỹ sư có sẵn cho máy móc dịch vụ ở nước ngoài

Product Overviews


The principle of Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser generator is a new type of international development of the new fiber laser output of high energy density of the laser beam, and gathered on the surface of the workpiece, the upper area of the workpiece is instantaneous melting and gasification ultrafine focus spot irradiated by CNC machine system mobile spot irradiation position and automatic cutting.

The components

l  Fiber laser

l  Cutting table

l  CNC system

l  Cooling system

l  Assist gas

The advantage

l  Cutting journey can be 3015 and 2040, the power of fiber laser can be 500w-6000w

l  The lowest use cost: the machine power consumption is only 20-30% of the same kind of CO2 laser cutting machine

l  The highest stability: use the import original factory package fiber laser, stable performance, useful life can be 100000 hours

l  Highest cutting speed: high speed, high efficiency, the speed can be tens of meters per minute, it is twice of CO2 laser cutting

l  Lowest maintenance cost, fiber transmission, no need laser gas, can save a lot of cost.

l  Excellent beam quality, small focusing sport, good cutting edge.

l  Adapt imported guide transmission and servo motor, high cutting accuracy

Cutting materials

The fiber laser can cut all kinds of non ferrous metals, such as copper,aluminum,this high reflective materials, and tungsten,can also cut stainless steel,carbon steel, manganese steel,galvanized sheet,aluminum platform gold alloy plate, and other rare metals.

Application industry

The fiber laser cutting machine can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, elevators, medical equipment, kitchen electrical, auto parts, electrical equipment, gold plated chassis cabinets,mechanical equipment,lighting hardware,advertising signs, display equipment,all kinds of metal products, sheet metal cutting processing and other industries.

The instructions of products

Sợi laser

l  Power can be 500W/700W/1000W/1200W/2000W…6000W

l  Can use IPG(Germany),nLIGHT(USA), Raycus (China)

l  Need to match water chiller (Inside)

l  Air conditioning (Outside)

Body of cutting table

l  Body of cutting table: The body is monoblock cast, use 300 cast iron, others often use 250 cast iron

l  X-axis and Z-axis use 500 ductile cast iron, none out of shape.

l  All the cast parts has been processed by 600°C - 650°C high temperature annealing treatment, can keep the machine not out of shape, lose the internal stress.

l  All the parts is processed by milling planer, the max tolerance can be 0.01mm in 1m

l  With exhaust system

Process dimension3000mm * 1500mm
X-axis journey3000mm
Y-axis journey1500mm
Z-axis journey120mm
Độ chính xác định vị X / Y± 0,02mm
Z-axis positioning accuracy± 0,008mm
X/Y repeatability positioning accuracy±0.015
Tốc độ cắt tối đa50m / phút
X/Y max acceleration1G
Cutting table max load1t
Trọng lượng máy4t/6t
Công suất laser500w,700w,1000w
Size (length × weight × height)4500 ×2500 ×2300 (no switchboard) 4t
Size (length × weight × height)9900 ×2500 ×2300 (with switchboard) 6t


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